At Diacolone, we have taken care of every aspect of the design, manufacture, and testing of our plate compactor to ensure top-notch performance. Our plate compactor is a powerful machine that is designed to compact the ground and make surfaces smooth with ease.

Equipped with a vibrating plate, powered by a single motor in a vibrator case, our plate compactor generates powerful vibrations that efficiently transmit through the ground, resulting in a smooth and level surface. Whether you’re leveling soil, beaching, or finishing asphalt paving, our plate compactor is up to the task.

Engine type:GX160

Net Power Output:3.6kw@3.600rpm

Net Weight:88kg

Gross Weight:90.5kg


Working temperature:120° F to 15° F

Grade of motor oil:SAE 30/SAE 20

Ruing speed:2500-3600rpm

Oil change period:300hours or more

Motor oil refill capacity:1000cc 


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One of the Best Engines in the Market

Newly designed Honda GX160 engine

Special Ductile Compaction Case Plate

Design for a low center of gravity and increasing the thickness of the back part.

Oil Alert System

Automatically stop the engine when motor oil level is insufficient in crankcase to prevent damaging the engine.

Zinc Electroplated Surface

All the exposed metal surface is zinc electroplated for corrosion and rust protection.

Protective Shield

All key components are protected to prevent rock hits.

Poly Fuel Tank

Avoid rust and corrosion